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What Does A Bengal Cost And How To Choose A Breeder?

The price of the Bengal cat is something that varies and as a buyer it can be difficult to know what is "normal" and what you pay for. In this post, we will try to give a hum about how you as a buyer should think, what you should investigate with different breeders when choosing where to buy your Bengal and at what price.

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No matter how important we think it is that the commitment and investment in love, time and emotions should weigh heaviest on our "adoption families", one can not ignore that it is of course important as a buyer to know what a Bengal cat costs. Therefore, it is also a question that comes relatively early in contact with a breeder: What does a Bengal really cost?

Cat Breeds, including Bengals, should cost a lot if they are registered

The Bengal cat's price varies, of course, and rightly so. "You get what you pay for" is to some extent correct and can be a good help "halfway". If it seems too good to be true, it is guaranteed to be. It is not wrong to find your bengal via adds, if it is a serious breeder who advertises. But you should not fall for a really low priced bengal on other advertising pages. It's probably not even properly registered. And then there is no Bengal, no matter what the ad says. But even among completely genuine Bengal cats, the prices vary. The most important thing for us at Kungsgarden is health and temperament. Without those building blocks no foundation to build beautiful minileopards on.

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Exhibition titles prove good temperament.

A good temperament is many years work. We "mentally test" our breeding animals and / or their offspring through exhibition. It is an extremely difficult environment for a cat to be relaxed in, and to cope with everything that belongs to it. Long journeys, hotel nights and closeness to cats they do not know, for example. Of course, it is impossible to achieve greater success with cats who can not cope with the excitement and the rather stressful situation. Even if you do not want to exhibit yourself, it may be worth considering. We think it is important for our pet buyers that the cat should have good conditions to cope with travel and exciting adventures with its family. As well as veterinary visits.

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Are health tests performed on breeding animals?

IWithin the health section, there are certain genetic tests that we breeders have access to and MUST test our breeding animals for. Likewise, annual heart scans are something you as a buyer should be able to demand that it be done. Without this, a "cheap" cat can quickly end up being very expensive. Unfortunately, no breeder can guarantee 100% health and sad things happen even though you have done "right". That is precisely why it is so important not to be careless with the aids that are still available. We can work to avoid well-known boredom as far as possible. A well bred and continuous health program is costly and thus raises the price of the Bengal cat. We do not recommend buying a cat that does not meet these criteria at all. Furthermore, they should at least not be in the vicinity of the same price as with a breeder who ticks in all these boxes. The price of a Bengal should, in the best of worlds, be able to guarantee quality, just as much on animals as on other things in society. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but the buyer must do the research before the purchase.

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Breed standards, beauty and success at shows require solid breeder work and affect the Bengal cat's price

Of course, exhibition titles and appearance also play a role in purebred cats. As a breeder, you strive for an ideal of the breed you work with. When you have come a long way and can offer exclusive individuals that correspond to the vision and idea behind the breed standard, it will of course also to some extent be reflected in the price. Finally, when you have found your breeder who feels honest and open with health, the cats have some kind of good "merits" that show a stable temperament and the look itself is seductively beautiful, well then it's time to get in touch!

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A safe and seriously bred Bengal with a health-tested strain costs between SEK 14,000-18,000

If you are looking for a party / exhibition Bengal from such a breeder, you should expect prices between SEK 14,000 and 18,000. What then is the most beautiful and feels most right for you as a buyer, only you can decide for yourself. Some fall head over heels for a pair of intense eyes, others for golden tiger colors. Others still have something else as number one on their wish list. The important thing is that you as a buyer think it's worth the money. The feeling must exist! After all, shopping is only part of a life with animals. Of course, the joy, enrichment and love they give their family can never be measured in money. But it can be good to know the price of the Bengal cat and include it in the calculations when you start the search! Read more about what is included with us when you choose to buy your Bengal from Kungsgarden! >>

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