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How it all started

We are five independent cat breeders who started Swedish Quality Bengals together and we belong to the two largest cat federations, Swedish SVERAK which is part of the International Federation Fife and TICA which is also a world organization. We are S * KungsgardenCats, SE * TokoChinook, Artizto catz and S * Nordic Glow from SVERAK and Minileo from TICA.


  • Swedish Quality bengals is an exclusive association of bengal breeders who have joined together because there is a consensus to work to breed bengal cats with health, standard and temperament in focus.

  • Therefore, specific requirements are placed on the members that must be met and controlled by both Swedish Quality Bengals and potential buyers.

  • Quality bengals is an expertise in Sweden that is composed of breeders with competence and experience of the bengal breed.

What brought us together is that we have the same vision of health, temperament and standard of Bengal cats. As the popularity of Bengal cats has grown, we have had discussions about health, temperament and preservation of the breed's standard.  


We have extensive experience of breeding Bengal cats and with our common expertise, we strive for our buyers to get the highest possible guarantee on healthy individuals with good temperament.  


We do this by regularly making careful selections of breeding individuals, following the latest research findings on health tests and exhibiting our breeding treasures that preserve our cat breed also in the future.


We thus ensure the quality of our cats to the highest possible. We also meet other Bengal cat breeders, both in Sweden and abroad, and follow well-established advice and discussions in research on how the beautiful breed should maintain its health and quality.

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